2 April 2019

Fabio Benasso

CEO and President, Accenture Italy, Greece and Central Europe

Fabio Benasso joined Accenture in 1984 after graduating in Economics and Commerce at the University of Pavia. Since September 2006 he has been CEO of Accenture Italy and Senior Managing Director of the ICEG area, which includes Italy, Central Europe and Greece.
In July 2013 he was appointed President of Accenture Italy. Benasso has been deeply involved in administration, finance and control projects. In 2000 he took on the responsibility of the Finance & Performance Management area and progressively held increasingly important roles at national and international level.
From 2004 to 2006 he was head of the Products group at the IGEM level (Italy, Greece, Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey and the Middle East), the business unit that targets customers in the industry, services and distribution areas.
He is a member of the Presidential Council and of the General Council of Assolombarda, where he held the position of Managing Director for Expo. Since November 2015 he has been Managing Director for Milan Post Expo.
He is a member of the Presidential Council and of the General Council of the Confindustria Digital Federation and of the General Council of Confindustria.
He is a member of the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy where, in February 2014, he became President of the Sustainability Committee.