28 March 2019

Mario Baccini

President, Ente Nazionale per il Microcredito

Mario Baccini was born in Rome on 14 December 1957; he graduated in Communications from Rome’s LUMSA university, submitting a thesis entitled Amintore Fanfani’s Eschatological Vision of the Social Economy.

He is currently President of the National Microcredit Institution, a public body promoted by the UN Secretary-General. He was elected member of parliament in the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th legislatures, holding prestigious offices. He was an active member of the Budget Committee and Bicameral Committee for the Simplification of Legislation and vice-president of the election committee. He served as Vice-Secretary of State at the Foreign Ministry responsible for the Americas, and as President of the National Commission for the Promotion of Italian Language and Culture in the world, with a representation at the United Nations. From 3 December 2004 to 8 May 2006 he was Civil Service Minister. In the 15th legislature he was elected Senator and held office as Vice President of the Senate and member of the III (Foreign Affairs) and XIV (EU Policy) Committees and the anti-mafia Committee.

He is committed to social projects as President of the Foedus Foundation, set up to create the necessary synergy between culture, solidarity and business activity in Italy and around the world. He is an emeritus professor of  “Nostra Signora Regina della Pace” university in Honduras. He is a Knight of the Grand Cross in the San Silverstro Pontifical Council. He has written numerous articles and publications on ethical finance and the social action of preventive diplomacy. He is married to Diana Battaggia and they have three children: Alan, Roberta and Zoe.