1 April 2019

Monica Simeone

Co-director of the Committee of Milano in charge of Migration Area, Italian Red Cross

Monica Simeone was born in Naples and studied Jurisprudence before moving to Milan to work in international cooperation. For 15 years she worked on emergency and development projects for various Italian and foreign NGOs, with medium-long stays in Africa, mainly Ethiopia, TCHAD, Central African Republic, Cameroon.
When in Italy, she held the role of Finance Officer and Desk Officer for the management of programs funded by the EU and by other institutional donors (MAECI, UNHCR; WFP…) and implemented in sub-Saharan Africa.
She started working for the Italian Red Cross, Committee of Milan, in September 2016, holding the position of Head of Migration, with a particular focus on acceptance of migrants.
Since 1 December 2018 she has also held the role of Co-director of the Milan Committee.