20 March 2019

Piero Prenna

President, San Patrignano Community

Piero Prenna was born in Taranto in 1964. He began his career in the management of a public works company in Apulia. Having trained as an IT engineer, he was recruited in 1997 for the sales office of the Comunità di San Patrignano, where his task was to analyse sales and to monitor and supervise sales targets.

After this his focus shifted to wine-growing. Continuing professional development enabled him to acquire the in-depth knowledge he needed. In 2003 the Italian Association of Sommeliers, through its regional office in Rimini, granted him his sommelier’s certificate.

As he built his career, he became commercial director of the wine department, taking on additional responsibility for related activities, such as marketing the agricultural produce from San Patrignano. In all it does, the Comunità di San Patrignano combines economic, commercial factors with social considerations. All business conducted by the community shores up its economic sustainability, but is simultaneously a vehicle for education of the young people of the Community, enabling them to train and subsequently to integrate into society.

The prime focus of his work consists in marketing and communicate the produce and production of San Patrignano, which clearly symbolise an attitude to people which the Community seeks to communicate to the general public. San Patrignano farm produce is sold around the world, and its quality testifies to a successful social project: human wellbeing.