Sustainable Economy Forum

8 February 2018

Sustainable Economy Forum

Launched by Confindustria and San Patrignano Foundation, the Sustainable Economy Forum is an international event aimed to be a two days discussions, reflections and experiences with eminent entrepreneurs, economists, policy-makers, intellectuals, researchers, artists and social players to offer long term solutions to the most pressing global issues.

Attended by more than 500 participants, with upwards of 60 illustrious Italian and international speakers and broad media coverage, the 2018 Forum achieved great success beyond expectations.

The 2019 Sustainable Economy Forum will deepen the dialogue so effectively launched, starting from the joint work project presented by Confindustria and San Patrignano at the end of the previous edition.

The three pillars of the proposed platform – private-private partnership for co-development, social inclusion and social finance – will be the guidelines around which debates will be developed, aimed at deepening the issues of sustainability and responsibility in their various practical declinations.

In this direction and keeping a particular focus on Africa, speakers with various backgrounds, profiles and experiences will address fundamental topics both for today world and for future generations such as social finance, digital transformation, renewable energy, food supply chain, innovation, and many others.