Reduce, reuse, recycle: the circular economy at the center of sustainable development

The linear economic system used for centuries, a powerful engine of irresponsible use of raw materials and wild waste disposal, proves to be less and less sustainable in the long term. Strongly supported by the United Nations and the European Union, the circular economy model can generate a completely new development, which cutting waste, increasing recycling and reuse will create benefits for both the environment and the economy. This will be discussed at a round table during the second day of the Forum on Sustainable Economy, which will be attended by Gaela Bernini, Head of Scientific and Social Area of Bracco Foundation, Kari Herlevi, Project Director of Sitra, Luisa Franzone, Supply Chain Director of Unilever Italia, Franco Amelio, Sustainability Leader of Deloitte, Marco Gualtieri, President of Seeds&Chips e Rossana Revello, Coordinator, Corporate Social Responsibility Technical Group, Confindustria.