Premier Conte: “Italian government attentive interlocutor for sustainable growth”

“In the government you will find an always attentive interlocutor to favor businesses and economic growth. But frankly I also say that the ultimate goal is not to increase the” well-being of the subjective nucleus of entrepreneurs, but to fulfill the conditions because the companies, understood as community of women and men, they can pursue sustainable development ” . The words of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte appeared perfectly in line with the intentions of the SustainableEconomy Forum 2019, organized by Confinstria and San Patrignano scheduled for today and tomorrow in the community”.

” The government is interested in economic growth, but it affects not only GDP but how wealth is distributed among the various sections of the population”.
“If today I have the honor of presiding over a government that perhaps with an emphatic formula has defined itself as the ‘government of change’, allow me to say that the formula for us is not emphatic, it is not a rhetorical concession. Change in its inner essence it really means trying in every way, with all your energies, to reverse the course of the unfair and unsustainable development “.

The President of the Council appeared very attentive to a growth that particularly concerns young people: “We must create the conditions so that our young people are no longer forced to emigrate to ensure a dignified future for themselves and their loved ones. If the journey is free and a curious exploration of the world it is an experience to be promoted, forced emigration instead undermines the sense of community and the ‘social capital’ of a territory. According to data processed by the Idos study center in 2017 – the president of the council then explains – about 285 thousand citizens have left our country: it is a real emergency to which we intend to remedy by creating more job and development opportunities throughout the national territory”.

The Sustainable Economy Forum 2019 is an initiative of Confindustria and San Patrignano. Institutional partners: E4Impact and International Trade Center; main partner: BNPParibas , Sole24Ore ; top partners: Accenture , Eni , Hitachi Rail STS , Intesa San Paolo ; partners: Aon , Bracco , Acqua Alma , Celli Group brand, Ente Microcredito , IGPDecaux , Lavazza ; with the support of the IBM Foundation ; official car: Ford .