Giovannini at the Sustainable Economy Forum: “That growth is sustainable, but it is the well-being of the people who must grow”

“We are talking about sustainable growth, or what?It is not only the GDP that must grow, but above all the well-being”.The first intervention of the second and last day of the Sustainable Economy Forum, organized by Confindustria and San Patrignano scheduled in the same community, by Enrico Giovannini, former minister and spokesman of the Italian Alliance for sustainable development, is perfectly in line with the idea launched yesterday from the same stage to the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and with the general idea of ​​the forum.”It is clear to us that we do not want the future to be the one designed by the OECD in its latest report, with low growth rates, ever greater social differences, climate change – Giovannini continued – But to change we must understand first if we are aware that these problems are real and what we can do to change them”.

An answer that for Giovannini is clearly already written and only to be followed: “The 2030 agenda is the way to tackle these problems, which must be seen as a whole and not in watertight compartments.We need a new development paradigm, which looks at the best impact that can generate together human, natural, social and economic capital”.

And then a message perfectly in line with the mission of the San Patrignano community that hosts the event: “We must understand that we must not only recycle things and materials, but also people, the weakest, the marginalized, the unemployed.Politics has a decisive role in this, both at national and European level”.

The Sustainable Economy Forum 2019 is an initiative of Confindustria and San Patrignano. Institutional partners: E4Impact and International Trade Center; main partner: BNP Paribas , Sole24Ore; top partners: Accenture, Eni, Hitachi Rail STS, Intesa San Paolo; partners: Aon, Bracco, Acqua Alma, Celli Group brand, Ente Microcredito, IGP Decaux, Lavazza; with the support of the IBM Foundation; official car Ford .