Intesa Sanpaolo supports the San Patrignano Foundation

For years the San Patrignano Foundation has been a mainstay in the prevention and treatment of addictions. In these particularly difficult times, Intesa Sanpaolo has accepted the Foundation’s request for support over the next three years, and will in this way be helping – in addition to the many other charities the Bank supports – a foundation that is clearly not only useful but indeed necessary for our society.

Even during the extraordinary emergency we are currently experiencing, Intesa Sanpaolo has continued to be a keystone in providing support to the Italian healthcare system and social projects, in addition to its enormous commitment in supporting the economy. Intesa Sanpaolo has been able to introduce this programme of initiatives because it has had the ability to be not only one of the soundest and most profitable banks in Europe but also one of the most attentive to combating poverty and reducing inequalities as elements of growth for the country.

For over thirteen years we have been providing credit to non-profit organisations, supporting the peculiar characteristics of this sector, and have also recently expanded our financial inclusion initiatives to categories that had previously been excluded. In 2020, high social impact loans increased tenfold – from 3.8 billion euro in 2019 to 37 billion euro – out a total of approximately 87 billion euro of new medium/long-term loans.

In 2020, Intesa Sanpaolo also doubled its contributions to the community for healthcare, social and cultural projects: 184 million euro against 86 million euro in 2019. Thanks to our initiatives to reduce inequalities, combat child poverty and support people in need we have offered over 17 million meals, beds, medicines and clothes since 2018. Intesa Sanpaolo is just as passionate about its cultural activities and the support it provides to initiatives of merit such as the Sustainable Economy Forum, of which Intesa Sanpaolo is an institutional partner.