Health at the heart of the Sustainable Economy Forum 2021

There are over 1500 registered participants in the third edition of the Sustainable Economy Forum, the event promoted by San Patrignano and Confindustria to stimulate reflection on the issues at the center of the global agenda and to contribute to win the challenges of our time. It is still possible to register for free in the forum on the website, where on the morning of 8 April it will be possible to follow the web conference, in which will intervene authoritative representatives of the international economic and institutional panorama.

The 2021 Forum will pay particular attention to the issue of health, and how this is closely related to a sustainable economy, to environmental protection and biodiversity. The pandemic has shown that the choices that guide development can have enormous global implications. Not only has Covid-19 represented a tough stress test for health and social care systems in world countries, it has also accentuated inequalities. The Forum intends to offer an opportunity to rethink economic and social policies, identifying shared guidelines in a long-term perspective.

This COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us, albeit in a devastating way, of the interconnected nature of things, most particularly between economies, the environment, human and wildlife health and welfare – says keynote speaker John E. Scanlon, Chair of UK Government’s Illegal Wildlife Trade Challenge Fund, Chair of the Global Initiative to End Wildlife Crime and CEO of the Elephant Protection Initiative – We need to recalibrate our relationship with nature for many compelling, inter-related reasons, including to protect biodiversity, including wildlife, combat climate change, and to prevent future pandemics. This will require profound changes in how we regulate the taking, trade, and consumption of wildlife, how we combat wildlife crime, and how we manage and finance the protection of wildlife at its source. We owe it to the world’s youth to act boldly and swiftly to ensure we pass on a healthy and prosperous planet”.

The Forum will begin at 9, moderated by Sebastiano Barisoni, deputy executive director of Radio 24. Carlo Bonomi, President of Confindustria, and Carlo Clavarino, President of the San Patrignano Foundation, will open the works.

At 9.15 the keynote speech by Senator Mario Monti, Chair of the Pan-European Commission for Health and Sustainable Development, WHO, on the topic “Health and Sustainable Development: a new approach”. Mario Monti will present the “Call to action” just published by the independent Commission convened by the WHO. Two lines of action are recommended as a matter of urgency: 1) Implement the “One Health” vision operationally, recognizing the interdependence of human, animal and environmental health. 2) Update the international governance of health, in particular by reforming the WHO, adopting an international pandemic treaty, and creating within the G20 a “Global Health Board” similarly to what was done with the “Financial Stability Board” after the 2008 financial crisis.


The reflection will continue at 9.35 with John E. Scanlon: “The interconnected nature of things – Environment, economy & health” is the title of his keynote speech.

At 9.50 am will start the Focuses, in which entrepreneurs, economists, policy-makers and leading international experts will discuss about how sustainability and social responsibility, central drivers for the socio-economic well-being of future generations, are declined in the various sectors. Maria Paola Chiesi, Director of Shared Value & Sustainability of Chiesi, and Gianfelice Rocca, President of Techint Group and of Humanitas Group, will continue to deepen the theme of health, while at 10.25 Luca Travaglini, founder of Planet Farms, and Anna Zegna, President of Zegna Foundation, will address issues related to the environment.

The forum will discuss economics and sustainability at 10.55 with Mauro Gallavotti, CEO of Celli Group, and Andrea Illy, President of illycaffè and President of the Regenerative Society Foundation. At 11.20 the theme of innovation will be explored through the speeches of Andrew Barr, Vice President of Hitachi LTD and CEO of Hitachi Rail Group, Roberto Colaninno, President of Piaggio, and Giuseppe Lavazza, Vice President of Lavazza.

Fifth and final Focus at 12.05 about finance, with Fabio Benasso, CEO and President of Accenture Italy, and Carlo Messina, CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo.

At 12.35 pm another highly anticipated keynote speech. World-renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs, Director of Earth Institute at Columbia University  and United Nations Special Advisor on Sustainable Development Goals, will outline “The Global Meaning of the European Green Deal” and the agenda for the future.

Finally, the conclusions of the Forum will be drawn by the President of the San Patrignano Foundation Carlo Clavarino and by Maria Cristina Piovesana, Vice President of Confindustria for the Environment, Sustainability and Culture.

The Sustainable Economy Forum 2021 is promoted by San Patrignano and Confindustria with Intesa Sanpaolo as institutional partner. Accenture, ENI, Gruppo 24 Ore and Hitachi Rail are Top partners of the event; partner are Acqua Alma, IGP Decaux and Lavazza.