15 March 2018

Sigríður Snævarr

Ambassador of the Iceland Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Member of Exedra

Sigríður Snævarr (Reykjavík, 1952) studied in Perugia and Firenze, at Università per gli Straneri Perugia, at London School of Economics, and at Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

In 1991 she was appointed Ambassador in Sweden, first Icelandic woman in this role. In 1996 she was home-based ambassador to South Africa and Namibia, in 1999 she was ambassador in Paris, at the OECD, UNESCO, FAO and Ambassador to Italy. During a leaving period she founded a company to empower people who had lost their jobs in the economic crisis. In 2014 she went back in the Foreign Service and she is in charge of home based ambassadors and herself appointed to various countries as home-based ambassador.